Welcome to our Website

Bridging the Dental Gap is here to help YOU.  We offer easy access to dental care.   The Website is currently a "work in progress".   We will be adding more in future updates.   If you have questions about our services, we welcome you to call or email.  We look forward to providing for your dental needs.

Bridging the Dental Gap is open Monday thru Friday with varying office hours.   The Clinic opens at 8:00 daily except for holidays and staff meeting dates.   Lunch time is at 1:00.  We are closed over most lunch periods.  The Clinic closes at 5:00 Monday thru Thursday and 1:30 on Fridays.  Earlier closing times occur when patients cancel or miss appointments.

Bridging the Dental Gap is NOT federally funded.  We do not receive federal monies to operate.  Our income is strictly from patient payments, Medicaid, insurance payments, grants and donations.  BDG is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization.  We are a member of the United Way agencies. 

Currently 600 plus patient appointments for dental care are provided each month.   All patient care is handled through appointments.  Toothpain patients are given appointments as soon as possible, some the same day for at least a screening and emergency care.     

Some of the school children from Riverside School in Bismarck who attended the Sealant Day for SEAL ND! with their teachers and School Nurse.  Robyn Stearns from the ND Oral Health Department spent the day with us.   The First Lady Mikey Hoeven also came to greet the children.  They learned about oral health and had sealants placed to prevent decay.